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Email: Phone: 011-1233 5306 / 03-4131 7405

Founding Story

The story of iLuvQuran starts with a family who were searching for the education that would replicate the education received by our pious predecessors, the Muslim scholars who used to awe the world with their knowledge of Islam and implemented it into their daily lives and the worldly knowledge. Their search for knowledge was wholesome, their motivation was for Allah, and their first step and foundation was the memorization and learning of the Qur’an.
Furthermore, if we look at the sahabah’s, may Allah be pleased with them, interaction with the Qur’an, it was through first of all loving the Qur’an, reading it, understanding it, memorizing it, implementing it and sharing it with others around them.


In Malaysia, our interaction with the Qur’an usually only covers two aspects, learning to read the Qur’an and then reading it from one end to the other at least once in our lifetime. Yes, learning to read the Qur’an is definitely a necessary beginning but there is more to the Qur’an than just reading it. The Qur’an is supposed to be ‘hudanlilmuttaqiin’ – a guidance for the God fearing. Yet, for most of us we cease to treat it as a love letter from God, as a guidance for all of us.

Realizing these points, from an early start, the founders envisioned for their children to memorize the Qur’an from an early age. Yet, when they approached various Quranic schools, they were unable to find one that would accept their son, who was at that time three years old and had already memorized ten surahs from Juz 30, Alhamdulillah. They were doing it on our own, while working full-time in a multinational company, and realized that we needed a proper system for our children to memorize the Qur’an well. However we weren’t able to find any. Moreover, when they moved to the big city, commuting and other mundane matters made it very challenging to continue teaching their son memorization.

After two years in Kuala Lumpur, the family decided to take a short break and applied for scholarships to complete an MBA in University College Dublin. During the year abroad, they sent their son to the Muslim National School and the Quranic School at Clonskeagh Mosque. Alhamdulillah, in less than a year, their son, Umar, was able to memorize 80% of juz 30 by going to both these educational institutions.

After coming back to Malaysia, they wanted their children to be able to continue this Quranic journey. Since they couldn’t find an institution that could cater to their needs, they decided to create iLuvQuran and help many other families who were searching for a place that would help their children love and memorize Qur’an.

Yes, this is a personal story. Yet, for many parents who want the best for their children, this is something that many of us face. We want our children to get the best basis in education by learning the Qur’an by heart, but it is difficult to find an institution that can support our dreams.

Thus, with iLuvQuran, we wish to encourage more people to memorize the Qur’an.. at any age we are.