Email: Phone: 011-1233 5306 / 03-4131 7405
Email: Phone: 011-1233 5306 / 03-4131 7405


Our methodology is based on the knowledge that humans learn through three different methods. Some people are visual learners, others audio or kinesthetic learners. Thus, we try our best to incorporate all three elements in our classes.

For classes with young children, where most of the students may not have learnt how to read the Qur’an fluently, we use all three methods while concentrating particularly on the audio learning and experiential learning through activities related to the surah.

We all know of people, or ourselves, who have memorized a song just because we’ve listened to it so many times. Why don’t we use the same method for memorizing the Qur’an. There are so many abilities and strengths that Allah has given us, but sometimes we don’t use them to benefit our hearts and our religion. InshaAllah when this is added with activities to help relate the surah at their age and context, they will not only be able to memorize better, but also enjoy their learning journey.

As the children progress further in their age and maturity, the activities will change to cater for their different interest levels. The reasons we do this is so that our children will always have a positive association with the Qur’an. Instead of associating Qur’an with drudgery, boredom and force (“Sit down properly and read your Qur’an!”), inshaAllah, through this method our children will always remember Qur’an with fondness as they spent their early years with the Qur’an in a loving and fun environment.