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    Inspire children to learn, memorize and love the Al-Quran
  • We provide different syllabus for different classes according to the age and general abilities of the child.

  • iLuvQuran is committed to provide the best Quranic education for your children. Click any of the classes below to get to know the classes that we offer from the class time, teacher and location.

    • Quranic Babies
      Hafazan playgroup for children aged 2-3 years old, with their mothers’ attendance and support.
      • 2-3
        Years Old
      • 8 students
        per class
    • Quranic Beginners
      Hafazan playgroup for children aged 4 years old, with their mothers’ attendance and support.
      • 3-4
        Years old
      • 8 students
        per class
    • Quranic Kids
      Quranic Kids Playschool an early education program by iLuvQuran.
      • 3-6
        Years old
      • 8 students
        per class
    • Quranic Seedlings
      Our signature class in Quran memorization with a syllabus specially crafted for their developmental age group.
      • 5-7
        Years old
      • 9 students
        per class
    • Quranic Junior Al-Hafiz
      One of our most in-demand classes. Method is built on a loving and age-appropriate approach in an experiential Quran learning program.
      • 8-12
        Years old
      • 10 students
        per class
    • Quranic Ulul Albab
      Thematic & project-based tafsir, Tajweed & Tahriri - Writing Exercise.
      • 13-17
        Years old
      • 12 students
        per class
    • iLuvTafseer
      Adult class discussing the science of Al Quran and the great day of Islam.
      • 18 years
        and above
      • unlimited
        per class
  • Do you prefer online classes?

  • iLuvQuran Online Learning Portal

    #1 Quran platform for children and adults! The fun way to understand and memorize the Quran.
  • iLuvQuran Hifdz Activity Module (ILHAM)

  • ILHAM is a complete syllabus for Qur’anic education that empowers teachers, engages students, and creates an effective and affective Qur’anic learning environment. The three main components of ILHAM are the Students Kit, Teachers Kit, and customized Teachers Training. Our dream is to share an experiential approach of Qur’an learning with all Muslim children in kindergartens and private schools using the fun and engaging module.

    The three main components of ILHAM are :

    • Students Kit
    • Teachers Kit
    • Customized Training Kit

    • To love is to know – the Student Kit introduces children to the Qur’an by encouraging them to interact with Allah’s words in a fun, experiential way, resulting in a lifelong love for the Qur’an.

      • Story Book
      • Activity Book
      • DIY materials
      • Suitable for children age 4-9 years old
      Students Kit

    • The Teachers Kit provides guidance and materials needed to create a stimulating Qur’anic learning environment. Besides strengthening the teachers’ knowledge, the Lesson Plans developed by our expert team will help lighten their workload too, so the teachers can focus more attention on every student.

      • Teachers Kit (x3)
      • Student Kit (x3 with answer key)
      • al-Badar books (x3)
      • 1 Flip poster – 11 surah
      • Teachers Training (x3) passes
      • Service Support
      • Learning Management System
      Educators Package
    • iLuvQuran is a great place for my daughter to start her schooling experience. It’s welcoming and safe and my daughter loves being there.

      Puan Mardhiah Saiful
    • I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old who have been attending for a year now. I can not tell you how much I adore and appreciate all of the wonderful staff.

      Encik Saad Halim
    • I have to say that I have 2 children ages 5 and 2 and this is by far the very best I have ever used.

      Encik Ahmad Taufiq
    • iLuvQuran is a great place for my daughter to start her schooling experience. It’s welcoming and safe and my daughter loves being there.

      Puan Rabiatul
    • This letter is to recognize you and your staff for doing an excellent job teaching my son. His skill level is significantly better since attending iLuvQuran.

      Puan Shahirah Sairi
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