Our approach centres on the message of Qur’an and the Hadith that Allah’s Mercy supersedes His Wrath. Thus, lessons are taught with a message of love.


In providing experiential learning, we need to be constantly creative in delivery methods.


In creating a positive association with the Qur’an, the whole learning experience should be enjoyable and happy in a stress-free, nurturing environment.


We believe that a student-led, hands on approach in learning will create a deeper and more meaningful connection to the teachings of the Qur’an.

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Memorize Quran, Life Will Never Be The Same. We committed to educate Quran to your children.

iLuvQuran Hifdz Activity Module (ILHAM)

ILHAM is a complete syllabus for Qur’anic education that empowers teachers, engages students, and creates an effective and affective Qur’anic learning environment. The three main components of ILHAM are the Students Kit, Teachers Kit, and customized Teachers Training. Our dream is to share an experiential approach of Qur’an learning with all Muslim children in kindergartens and private schools using the fun and engaging module.


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