Q Beginners

Overview & Target

Quranic Beginner: Hafazan playgroup for children aged 4 years old, with their mothers’ attendance and support

This class is 60% hafazan using various activities and methods (flashcards, videos, interactive storytelling, arts and crafts) and 40% in-class learning activities.

The children joining this class are not expected to be able to read. They will learn the Quran meaning and memorizing short surahs from Surah Al-Fatihah to Surah Quraish through fun interaction between their peers, mothers and the loving teacher. Each surah is covered in one month. Between learning each new surah, the children are given a one month break to strengthen their memorization of the surah already learned. Classes will be in English & Malay.

For children who have reached four (4) years old, they have an option to join the QBeginners Reading class to start learning to read Quran. We have been told by parents who have been in the class that their little toddlers always look forward to coming to class to learn more Quran in our fun, engaging and nurturing environment. Alhamdulillah.

Teachers :

  • Nur Zahirah (Teacher Irah) – Wangsa Melawati


What’s in it for

Get to spend time with children and teach them to memorize ourselves
See our child’s own capabilities and social skills
Improve our own Quranic pronunciation

Memorization, social skills, arts activities related to the meaning of the surah at their level.

Details :

Class Age Place Time Availablity Fees
QBabies 2 – 3 years old – iLuvQuran Wangsa Melawati
– iLuvQuran Bangi (start in February 2016)
9.00am – 10.00am
Available RM200 one-off registration feeRM150 monthly fees for month when class is in session
QBeginners 4 years old Sunday
10.30am – 12.00am


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