• Illuminate hearts and minds this Ramadan with iLuvQuran!

    Join us as we celebrate a decade by raising funds for the development of more fun and creative Quran learning materials designed for Muslim children worldwide. Your presence supports our vision to touch countless hearts with the beauty of the Quran.
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  • Why iLuvQuran?

    iLuvQuran Awards and Recognition
    • Award Winning


    • Proven Track Record


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  • How will your support help create long term amal jariah for you?

    • Quran App

      >> Gamified Quran app for children to learn the meaning and recitation of the Quran, starting with Juz ‘Amma
      >> Potential to change the lives of billions of children worldwide
      >> Imagine your ajr from touching billions of children

    • Al-Quran Tadabbur Kit

      >> Distribution of iLuvQuran Happy Quran Kit to less fortunate children
      >> In previous years, your donation was distributed to homeless, asnaf, cancer patients, and orphans
      >> Live classes also provided for orphans and asnaf for the past 5 years, alhamdulillah

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  • iLuvQuran's Impacts & Achievements 10 Years of Serving the Community

    1,000,000 Hours of Live Classes with Children in Malaysia, and throughout the World
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