My Superhero, Prophet Muhammad Special Online Class — iLuvQuran
  • Reasons your children need to enroll in this class

    • Fun

      FUN activities to learn about our beloved Rasulullah S.A.W.

    • Virtual Tour

      Virtual guided tour of Mekah & Madinah.

    • Engaging

      ENGAGING stories by our LOVING Teachers.

    • Syllabus

      Clear objective and syllabus for children

  • BONUS FREEBIES! 1 month free access to iLuvQuran's Eportal. E-book & certificate
  • MasyaAllah! Umi and Abi, you are in the right place for online Islamic education.

    In iLuvQuran, we always make sure that:
    • Suitable teacher-student ratio (to keep focus and quality)

    • The time and syllabus are arranged according to the age of the students

    • Reporting and syllabus system that is structured and well-documented

    • Child-friendly teacher

    • Affordable fees and packages

    • iLuvQuran’s method to teach Quran to the children is so fun and interesting! My children are enjoying their class

      Encik Fazrul
    • I have to say that I have 2 children ages 5 and 2 and this is by far the best Quran class available

      Puan Laila
    • Alhamdulillah, anak saya suka sangat kelas ni.

      Puan Najlaa
    • Uwais seronok ngaji, hafazan and kuiz

      Puan Syafiqah
    • So far, I’m satisfied with the method of study and the module itself

      Encik Izwan
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