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  • Launching of iLuvQuran Online

    Closing Online Quran Festival

    Online Quran Festival almost coming to an end.

    Be sure not to miss this exciting and the most awaited moment throughout our one-month Online Quran Festival and Announcement of Musabaqah Winners!❤️

    Date                : 16th October 2021 (Saturday)

    Time                : 11.30 am – 12.30pm

    Platform          : FB Live

    Things you should not want to miss:

    1️⃣ Ijazah Recitation Surah al-Fatihah
    2️⃣ Free Access to iLuvQuran Online worth RM49.00
    3️⃣ Online Games & Lucky Draw
    4️⃣ Prize-giving ceremony for Musabaqah Hifdz Quran 2021
    5️⃣ Limited seats for Virtual Trip: The Places of the Revelation of Quran
    5️⃣ 25% discount for Quranic Discovery Class

    There will be special appearances together with us this weekend!🥰

    ❤️Datin Seri Masdiana Muhamad, YDP Pertubuhan Kebajikan Dan Amal Wanita Selangor

    ❤️Sheikh AbdulKarim Fatani Al-Makki, Imam of Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque

    ❤️Ustaz Husaini, Champion for Tilawah Al-Quran Malaysia

    Mark your calendar and spend your whole Saturday(16th October 2021) with us via iLuvQuran FB live!

    Stay connected with us throughout the Online Quran Festival!🤩


  • Kuliah Telegram Quranic Parenting

    A Lot of Valuable Tips for Parents!!

    Kuliah Telegram for Quranic Parenting this week 11 to 17 October 2021:

    • Thursday(9:15pm) – Orientation (Some do’s and don’ts)
    • Friday (8.45 pm)- Anak Sihat Fizikal di Dunia Digital with Dr Halimah Abdul-Halim, (Child Specialist)
    • Saturday (2 pm) – 5 Tips Keluarga Sihat Ikut Sunnah with En Rashid Jamiran(CEO of GoCoach Sports)
    • Saturday (4 pm) – 5 Aktiviti Mudah Pupuk Cinta Anak Pada Allah dan Nabi with Puan Nurul Hanan Arifin (CEO Naluri Kreatif), a kindergarten with thematic learning concept
    •  Sunday (2 pm) – Umi Abi Sihat Emosi, Anak Happy! with Ms. Aneesa Ahmad Saifuddin (a certified counselor & health coach) 
    • Sunday (4 pm) – Membina Keluarga Qurani Dari Umur Dini & Closing from our dearest iLuvQuran & Khadijah Learning Centre founder, Umi Irah
      *in GMT+8

    Don’t miss out on this insightful sharing from our inspiring speakers! 🥰

    Stay connected with us throughout the Online Quran Festival!🤩


  • Launching of Online Quran Festival

    How Al-Quran Changed Me for The Better + Opening Online Al-Quran Memorization Competition for Children

    A Complete Changed In Life Path And Complementing Or Contending The 2 Different World And Industry

    Suffice Personal Journey In Muslim Vs Daawah Movement

    Date                : 17 September 2021 (Friday)

    Time                : 8.45 pm 

    Platform          : iLuvQuran Facebook Live



  • Musabaqah Hifdz (CLOSED)

    Join our online musabaqah Al-Quran for children to increase their love of Quran and enhance their confidence

    About Hifdz Musabaqah: 

    This is our sixth year of organizing the children Hifdz Musabaqah and our third time having it fully online. We would love to see your children join us in this online Quran memorization competition while we together bring our children closer to Allah for His sake.

    Date                    : 17 September 2021 – 13 October 2021      

    Time                   : Throughout the competition period                                     

    Platform             :  Facebook and Instagram 

    Participant          : 5 to 17 years old

    Participation fees: RM 19 (Digital certificate and iLuvQuran Online Premium Platform membership included)

    How to participate?

    In summary, participants need to send a video of their Hifdz recitation in a link to us after uploading it on social media (Facebook or Instagram). Participants can use English or Bahasa Malaysia or Arabic. For more details, we will explain after registration. Open to all Malaysian and International participants


    Category  A         : 16-17 years old    – Al Muzzammil (1-10) or Al Qiyamah (1-10).

    Category B          : 13-15 years old    – Al Mulk (1-8) or Al Insaan (1-8).

    Category C          : 10-12 years old    – Al Syams or Al Lail or At Tariq or Al A’la or Al Infithar.

    Category D          : 7-9 years old        – Al Takaathur or Al Qari’ah or Al Qadr or Al Tin.

    Category E          : 6 years old & below    – An Naas or Al Falaq or Al Ikhlas or Al Masad or Al Nasr.

    Special Category for iLuvQuran students :

    iLuvQuran Quranic Seedling         : 4-6 years old        – At Takaathur or Al Qari’ah or Al ‘Aadiyaat or  Az Zalzalah or Ad Dhuhaa.

    iLuvQuran Junior Al-Hafiz 1         : 7-9 years old        – Al Syams, Al Lail, At Tariq, Al A’la, Al Infithar.

    iLuvQuran Junior Al-Hafiz 2        : 10-12 years old    – Al Naba’ 1-15 or ‘Abasa 1-16 or Al Mulk 1-8 or Al Insaan 1-8.

    Special Prizes sponsored by PTPTN

  • My Journey with iLuvQuran

    Forum II

    The golden opportunity being part of iLuvQuran team and being able to connect oneself with Al Quran in a beautiful, engaging, and dynamic manner.
    Personal experience in delivering and campaigning the teaching of iLuvQuran in a fun, engaging and happy environment

    Date                : 18 September 2021 (Saturday)

    Time                : 9.00 pm

    Platform          : iLuvQuran Facebook Live



  • Special Online Islamic School Class

    History of the Quran

    Date                : 25 September 2021 (Saturday)

    Time                : 2.30 pm -3.30 pm

    Platform          : Zoom

    Free entrance 


    ▪️Free classes with an experienced teacher.
    ▪️Full of historical stories of our own.
    ▪️Get to know more about your Quran understanding.

  • Life-Changing Journey with the Quran

    Forum III

    The Personal Experience – Most Pertinent Impact In Different Life Stages And Its Relevance In Today’s Struggles

    Date                : 25 September 2021 (Saturday)

    Time                : 9.00 am 

    Platform          : iLuvQuran Facebook Live


  • Al-Quran from the Lense of Our Children

    Forum IV

    All About You And Your Best Companion – Al Quran What Would Be The Best And Happy Moments With Al Quran?

    A Sharing Story And Lesson Learned In The Al Quran

    Date                : 2nd October 2021 (Saturday)

    Time                : 8.00 pm 

    Platform          : iLuvQuran Facebook Live

    Panelist            : Adik Naqib, Adik Salman, Adik Umar, Adik Izz Hafiz & Adik Khadijah Sofiyyah


  • Al-Quran as The Game Changer for Success

    Forum V

    Al-Quran is The Game Changer for Success

    Date                : 9th October 2021 (Saturday)

    Time                : 9.00 pm 

    Platform          : iLuvQuran Facebook Live


  • iLuvSurah al-Qadr Class

    Experiental Learning

    Date                : 9th October 2021 (Saturday)

    Time                : 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm

    Platform          : Zoom

    Free Entrance

    ▪️Free classes with experienced teachers.
    ▪️Engaging and creative classes on the Quran history and lessons from al Qadr.
    ▪️Full of historical stories of our own.
    ▪️Get to know more about your Quran understanding.

  • Virtual Trip

    The place of the revelation of the Quran

    Date                : 16th October 2021 (Saturday)

    Time                : 9.00 am 

    Platform          : Zoom

    ▪️Free classes with experienced teachers.
    ▪️Full of historical stories of our own.
    ▪️Get to know more about your Quran understanding.

  • Bonus Event

    Special just for you!
  • Quran & Sains

    Experiental Learning

    Tarikh            : Setiap hari Ahad bermula 18 September 2021

    Masa              : 10.00 pagi

    Platform          : Zoom

    Belajar dan faham 10 Surah (An Nas – Al Fill) sambil seronok dengan melakukan 10 eksperimen Sains (KSSR).

    Anak-anak juga akan mendapat 1 Kit Quran & Sains.

    “Membaca sebuah ayat dengan memikirkan dan memahaminya lebih baik daripada baca sehingga khatam tanpa tadabbur dan memahami”
    (Ibn Qayyim)

  • Bedtime Story

    best storytelling

    Date                : Every Tuesday and Wednesday starting from 21st September 2021

    Time                : 9.00 pm 

    Platform          : iLuvQuran instagram


  • The Chosen One: Muhammad, Our Superhero

    Special Class

    How well does your child knows about Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

    Step into our Maulid Special Class, The Chosen One: Muhammad, Our Superhero

    Date                : 15.10.2021(Friday), 

    Time                : 8.30 pm – 9.30 pm

    Platform          : Google Meet


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