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ILHAM - Educators Package

ILHAM – Educators Package

The Teachers Kit provides guidance and materials needed to create a stimulating Qur’anic learning environment. Besides strengthening the teachers’ knowledge, the Lesson Plans developed by our expert team will help lighten their workload too, so the teachers can focus more attention on every student.


What’s included in the Educators Package?

  1. 1-year lesson plan.
  2. Teacher’s Kit contains 100 pages of Teacher’s Book with 120 activities, Flashcard Icon Surah, Reward Stamp and Reward Stickers.
  3. Student’s Kit contains 300 pages of Student’s Book with 80 activities and 12 items of D.I.Y stuff.
  4. Surah Poster of interesting information about 11 surah as teaching aid.
  5. Teachers Training for (2 days of training in October & 2 days of training in mid-year).
  6. Learning Management System.
  7. al-Badar books.
  8. Service Support which includes:
  9. – Unlimited online coaching through service support hotline.
    – Face to face consultation at iLuvQuran center (limit to 3x a year).
    – Analysis of school performance and ranking.

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