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  • Social Impact

  • Social Vision

    We hire the bottom-tier teachers as our Dream Team to promote inclusive economic growth development in Malaysia and we invest in their personal development through professional training and personalised coaching.
    • Teachers

      To uplift financial burden of more than 1000 teachers from lower-income households by 2025

    • Contact Hours

      To deliver 70 contact hours of training to bottom tier teachers within 2 years of employment

  • Our Reach

    • Employed

      168 Dream Team

    • Training

      450+ Hours

  • Impact Stories

    B40 Monthly Incentive

    Since receiving B40 incentive from iLuvQuran, it has eased my family’s monthly burden. Apart that, iLuvQuran also distributes donations from other NGOs that provide basic necessities such as rice, sugar, flour, and oil. Contributions like this really help B40 group…

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