2021 Reflection

January 01, 2022

Eve of 2021:

🔥 Marvelling at the growth of technology and how fireworks can turn into smiley legos in the sky with simple 3D glasses.

🔥 Marvelling at how large, giant companies more than 100 years old started with waning motivation, impossible goals and challenges yet still stand strong today.

🔥 Marvelling at the specific story of Lego, which started in 1932 but was actually in the making since 1916, facing financial problems for more than ten years, yet today they can still thrive and even grow 46% in revenue in the first quarter of 2021 despite the pandemic!

♥️ Marvelling at the power of a conversation, and a friend who is willing to spend 1.5 hours talking to her friend 16 time zones away just to listen to the challenges and frustrations of the final week of December 2021.

♥️ Marvelling at how so many women, mothers, leaders, thinkers around me go through imposter syndrome and keep self-doubting our own abilities, comparing ourselves to other people we are conditioned to believe we should be- yet still wake up everyday, show up, to keep giving and building with our own hearts, hands, and souls.

♥️ Marvelling at how, despite the headaches of human behavior, lack of transparency and courage seen for the past 3 days, Allah is always so Kind and Generous, in between those challenges, everyday there was great news- from a great friend with branding and marketing experience agreeing to help iLuvQuran fulltime, to finding such a wonderful and experienced match to lead KLC’s secondary school, to getting good news from the potential Europe investor that our proposal has gone on to the next stage, to oh so many good news MashaAllah Alhamdulillah- yet as humans, we are always fixated on the issues, problems, challenges, instead of the many blessings that are in front of our eyes. Astaghfirullah.

“And few of the slaves are Grateful” Surah 34: 13

Alhamdulillah for all the beautiful, wonderful blessings and opportunities to grow this year.

To another year of more faith, love, thankfulness, patience, grit, positivity, courage, truthfulness, bravery, positivity, growth and success, in this life and the next!

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