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December 16, 2022

Every parent wants the best for their children, both in this life and the one that is coming. Therefore, sending your children to learn Quran through our most fun online Quran learning in Malaysia, is perhaps the best gift you can ever provide for them.

Letting a child learns about the Quran at an early age will help them to build more interest in learning about our religion, Islam. If Ummi and Abi haven’t found the best place for them yet, we highly recommend they attend iLuvQuran‘s fun online Quran learning in Malaysia.

As we all know, it is ideal to start learning things early because the lessons will be kept in a child’s mind, just like a carving does in a stone.

– iLuvQuran, the best institution for fun online Quran learning in Malaysia.

Why Should We Learn Quran?

As a Muslim, Quran is one of the activities we shall never miss daily, especially during Ramadhan. As much as we may find peace through it, we believe that reading Quran without understanding the meaning behind it is a bit of a loss. That is one of the biggest reasons to learn more about the Quran starting today, with our team!

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Children who attend fun online Quran learning will have early exposure to the importance of practicing the Quran in their daily life. The flexible classes that we provide will make the online classes more fun and worth it. Now, let us dive into some of the benefits of learning the Quran:

1. Guide us to the right path – Reading and learning Quran is the best guide for us to head onto the right path and strengthen our iman. Quran is the words of the Almighty, Allah SWT, and the source of guidance for all Muslims. Learning Quran will help us make better decisions and teach us to be more tawakkul in everything we do.

2. Improves understanding of the purpose of our existence –The Noble Quran contains several verses that discuss the beginnings of humans’ existence and the universe, as well as thorough guidance on how to live with the intention to serve Allah. These verses in the Quran will help us understand some of the unanswered questions that frequently hit our minds.

3. Heart purification – The Quran is recited by Muslims to help cleanse their hearts from all impurities and sins. With that, our hearts and mind may become calmer while facing any difficulties in life.

Where Can Our Kids Get A Fun Online Quran Learning in Malaysia? | iLuvQuran

As parents, of course, we want the best for our children. That is one solid reason for us to find them the best and most trusted institution to learn Quran. If Ummi and Abi haven’t found the best institution yet, why not enroll them with iLuvQuran? We will help to inspire your children to learn, memorize and love the Quran in a fun way!

iLuvQuran provides different syllabuses for different classes, based on the child’s age and abilities. The list shown below is the categories of our fun online Quran learning classes at iLuvQuran Malaysia:

1. Quranic Babies – This class is suitable for children aged 2 to 3 years old. Through enjoyable interactions with their peers, mothers, and teachers, we believe that children can bring themself to memorize and learn the meanings of each surah better. For more information about ‘Quranic Babies’ schedule and fees, click here.

2. Quranic Beginners – This class is recommended for children aged 4 years old. It is a hafazan playgroup, with the attendance and support of the mothers. For more information about ‘Quranic Beginners’ schedule and fees, click here.

3. Quranic Seedlings – This class is for children aged from 5 to 7 years old. They will be taught Quran memorization in a stress-free environment, at their own pace. For more information about ‘Quranic Seedlings’ schedule and fees, click here.

4. Quranic Junior Al-Hafiz – In this class, children from the age of 7 to 12 years old will focus mostly on memorizing the Qur’an and reviewing previously memorized surahs. For more information about ‘Quranic Junior Al-Hafiz’ schedule and fees, click here.

5. Quranic Ulul Albab – For this class, children in the age range of 13 to 17 years old will learn a thematic & project-based tafsir, Tajweed & Tahriri – Writing Exercise. Students are expected to be proficient in Quran recitation and self-driven to complete memorization. For more information about ‘Quranic Ulul Albab’ schedule and fees, click here.

6. Adult Tafseer | Fun Online Quran Learning in Malaysia for Adults – Yes, we also provide Quran classes for adults! In this class, participants aged 18 and above will explore the connection between the Surah and certain Islamic dates, as well as the science of the Al-Quran. For more information about the ‘Adult Tafseer’ schedule and fees, click here.

By joining one of the most fun online Quran learning classes with iLuvQuran Malaysia, it may help the children to learn more about the Quran and understand it very well at the early ages.

How to Register for Fun Online Quran Learning Malaysia?

If Ummi and Abi are interested in any of our fun online Quran learning classes at iLuvQuran Malaysia, you may head on to our website for further information. And, make sure to not forget to visit our Instagram page too.

That is all for now! We really hope Ummi and Abi can gain some useful insights from our sharing above. For more interesting articles, you may visit our stories here.

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