• iLuvQuran

    Fun Quran Storytime of Al Fatihah

    • 240 minutes of fun Quran learning
    • 4 days a month
    • 4 games & craft
    • Come closer to Allah by understanding His Most Loving Names
    • Create doa lists of things you want to ask from Allah
    • Converse about choices and pathways in life.
  • Features

    Adventurous learning experience and captivating moments!

    • Engaging

      Learn the story in a surah with gestures

    • Loving

      Fun teachers guide and facilitate our recitation

    • Excitement

      With games and activities to understand Quran lessons

    • $39 $25 for 4 fun classes a month
    • 5 to 12 years old
    • Every Saturday
    • 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM PST
    • Oct 14th, 21st, 28th & Nov 11th 2023


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  • Classes will be conducted online via

  • Let's Meet

    Our Fun Quran Teachers
  •  Ummi Irah

    • Loves to play with her tortoise
    • Founder of iLuvQuran & Khadijah Learning Center
    • Masters Education (IIUM)
    • 9 years of experience teaching Quran to 2+ years old
  •  Dr Alaa


    • Phd in Arabic Studies & Islamic Civilization
    • 15 years experience teaching Quran & Arabic
    • Loves playing with his 3 boys at the playground
  • Watch a snippet of Ummi Irah teaching

    Don't miss out. Our students really enjoy the class!

    • Sending my child to iLuvQuran is the best decision I have ever made

      Dr Zaahirah Mohammad
      Medical Doctor
    • The surahs my child frequently reads at home, are mostly the surahs from the class at iLuvQuran

      Mrs. Aaishah Nik Mazian
    • The activities to understand one surah is not just one or two activities, but a myriad of hands on projects to understand one surah.

      Us Syaari Ab Rahman
      Principal Trainer
      Tadabbur Center Sdn Bhd
    • ILQ loves the children unconditionally, the are allowed to be children. As a result. Children naturally fall in love with the Quran

      Khadijah Khalid
      Engineer Mobile
      5 children in iLuvQuran
    • I highly embrace the amazing approach and effort from iLuvQuran to transform the Quran learning process for our children, to become more creative, more interactive and more children friendly, in tandem with the current needs.

      Dato’ Sri Syed Saleh Syed Abdul Rahman
      Senior General Manager of Hajj
      Tabung Haji
    • I am happy with iLuvQuran’s learning materials as the books have beautiful and colorful illustrations for our kid’s. Materials like these are extremely necessary for our children nowadays

      Us Syaari Ab Rahman
      Principal Trainer
      Tadabbur Center Sdn Bhd
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    Has achieved
    • 1 Million Hours

      Classes conducted throughout our establishment

    • 2000+

      Students enrolled in our classes and events

    • 1000+

      Teachers trained and upskilled for teaching Quran with our fun method

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