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    Everyone dream of going to heaven. And of course, we want to be there with our beloved. The revelation of The Noble Quran as a Muslim’s source of guidance in our life is one of Allah’s greatest gifts to mankind. We can actually profit in this life and the hereafter by reading, listening, learning, and reciting the Quran. Therefore it is important for every Muslim to utilise their time and make reading the Quran a daily and family activity, for indeed The Qur’an will testify for you or against you on The Day of Judgment. But how can we incorporate the Quran into our daily lives, particularly with our families?

    • Spend time with your family while enjoy learning Quran together.
    • You can also have one to one online session with the teacher. 
    • The teacher will focus on students’ hifdz, tilawah, and a general understanding of the surah.
    • Group:
      4 siblings and below
    • Duration per session:
      60 minutes
    • Target:
      60% Qur’an memorisation, 40% surah understanding
    • Language:
      English or Malay
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    Fun, Loving, Engaging and Creative Class!
  • Class Schedule and Fees

    Please select your preferred session

    For four siblings and below
    60 minutes / session

    3 sessions/week

    2 sessions/week

    RM 599

    per month

    RM 399

    per month

    RM 3594

    RM 3234

    per 6 months

    Save up to RM 60 per month!

    RM 2394

    RM 2154

    per 6 months

    Save up to RM 40 per month!

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    • iLuvQuran is a great place for my daughter to start her Quran experience. It’s welcoming and safe and my daughter loves being there.

      Puan Maisarah Latif
    • I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old who have been attending for a year now. I can not tell you how much I adore and appreciate all of the wonderful teachers.

      Tuan Amir Ariff
    • I have to say that I have 2 children ages 5 and 2 and this is by far the Quran class available.

      Puan Natashah Rahim
    • Alhamdulillah. My children are enjoying their class!

      Puan Shila Agus
    • iLuvQuran’s method to teach Quran to the children is so fun and interesting! My children are enjoying their classes.

      Puan Siti Khairunnisa
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