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Impact Stories


    • Hanna Farsha binti Firdaus
      iLuvQuran Dream Team

      One of the topics that I remember the most during the training is the topic on personality difference. To me, it’s a good thing to learn on personality difference as we will know how to communicate effectively and learn the art of social relation. Thus, it really helps a lot on our everyday life.

    • Aisyah Ahmad Shariff
      iLuvQuran Dream Team

      Trainings provided by iLuvQuran are really good for teachers like me as I gain more knowledge, specifically knowledge about class preparation, how to put lesson outcome and how to arrange flow class. The trainings also emphasize on the tips on understanding students’ emotions and how to interact effectively. Through those trainings, I can increase awareness of the importance of Tadabbur and interpretation of Quranic verses. As conclusion, I can say that I have learn on how to assess students for classes online and physically.


    • Manisa Md Saleh
      iLuvQuran Dream Team

      Since receiving B40 incentive from iLuvQuran, it has eased my family’s monthly burden. Apart that, iLuvQuran also distributes donations from other NGOs that provide basic necessities such as rice, sugar, flour, and oil. Contributions like this really help B40 group like us to ease our monthly burden during this pandemic. Thank you iLuvQuran.

    • A’isyah Umairah Azhar
      iLuvQuran Dream Team

      Alhamdulillah I am very grateful because this incentive eases the burden and helps with the cost of living. In terms of what I gained from iLuvQuran, I was able to learn with great people especially in terms of business management. Specifically, more to marketing and sales department. I learned countless new skills through training on the application within the company itself.


    • Muhammad Wafiy Ahmad Hulaimi
      iLuvQuran Dream Team

      I started working at iLuvQuran on August, 2020. At first, I used the pc computer provided at iLuvQuran. Then, during the pandemic we all need to work from home. It was a bit tough for me as I don’t own a laptop. Then, after a few months I apply for Laptop Staff Scheme and Alhamdulillah my application was approved. Alhamdulillah now, I own myself a good quality new laptop. This laptop scheme for iLuvQuran staff really gives impact to me because Alhamdulillah now, I have my own laptop and can work at home efficiently during this pandemic.

    • Mohd Faizal Tali

      Alhamdulillah, iLuvQuran is so concerned with constraints faced by staff who are having difficulties to buy laptop. Previously, I had problem managing my office tasks because my existing laptop is over 10 years old and has very low storage. iLuvQuran gives me the opportunity to apply for the Laptop Staff Scheme, it allows me to own a laptop with a monthly payment according to my monthly ability. Office tasks can be done faster and efficiently. Thank you iLuvQuran.


    • Nur Shakirah Bohari
      iLuvQuran Dream Team

      Alhamdulillah I am very grateful to be among the chosen to received donations from Dapur Pasak. This program gives big impact to me because it eases the burden in this pandemic situation at the same time we can share it to those people in need.

    • Muhammad Haziq Arsyad Rusli
      iLuvQuran Dream Team

      The Dapur Pasak program helps me to ease my financial problems such as food needs because I am a student and a part timer at the same time. So, with this program, it really helps to ease my burden by providing my daily food needs. Thank you so much Dapur Pasak!


    • Ustaz Ridzuan
      Dream Team

      iLuvQuran arranged a yearly retreat vacation for our Dream Team. The aim is to improve the physical and mental health of our Dream Team so that there is positivity at the workplace and a general drive to deliver more. Such retreat increases the overall productivity, helps build a positive and welcoming workplace. Plus, iLuvQuran included training session during the retreat to help upgrade the softskills among Dream Team.

    • Dream Team
      Dream Team

      Away days are a part of iLuvQuran culture. It is a time to socialise, as well as working together towards our common goals. We tailor activities to develop on team skills such as communication. As we spend more time together, it gives confidence to build trust and increases communication among us. This is an opportunity to learn about one another as it can be a way to find out hidden potential and talents. Plus, it is a great way to build relationships and team bonding


    • Syarifah Nurfathiah Syed Mustapha
      Dream Team

      I got my first baby in 2017. During my second week of maternity leave, our founders Pn Zahirah and En Faiz visited my family with newborn gifts. It was an inspiring action from our leaders and increased my passion in my years of working here. The company policies are also mother’s friendly. They provide us with child-care at a very much lower rate than the market rate. I appreciate iLuvQuran supports and helps to uplift our financial and emotional burdens in many ways.

    • Muhammad Yusra Ahmad Hulaimi
      Muhammad Yusra Ahmad Hulaimi, Dream Team

      I have been working for ILQ since 2018, and they have showed me love and care for my wellbeing in many occasions. One time when I got married the next year, 2019, they gifted me a brand new washing machine. Alhamdulillāh, until now, the washing machine has been a real blessing for our home. And I think this is a privilege that not many newly-wed couples get to enjoy.


    • Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim & Asnaf Qaseh Ibu

      Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim & Asnaf Qaseh Ibu

      iLuvQuran also held an annual event that provide free Quran classes for orphanage in order for us to share the gift of Quran and make less fortunate child grow with love and guidance of Quran, and this good deeds could bring bigger change to the world and could influence thousands other peoples with Quran messages once they grown up.

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